Hop list Boom Beach (hopper request)

Work in progress, please help me complete this list if your TF has a fixed starting time. Please comment below and let us make the game even more enjoyable (THANKS!).

This list is created for three reasons:

  • to help TF:s fill the last spots on every OP without having to request for hitters and,
  • will give valuable experience for “hoppers” wanting to improve their game,
  • and to help players find TFs with optimal start time, task force size and daily oeprations map.
  • If your TF should be included/excluded or if other changes have/should be applied please, comment below the hopper list, and include your requirements and tag for TF. Please report potential errors in the list to keep the list up to date. Have fun booming!

    Simple rules: If using below links, please state that you are a hopper when joining. Be polite and do not rush the attacks. And remember that, only because these TF:s are on this list it doesn’t automatically mean they need or want hoppers on every OP (if you are a good hitter they will probably let you in…).

    Only TF:s with fixed starting time are allowed.

    Name of TF Most Started Operation Size of TF Next OP starts in approximately Link to TF Requirements (if any)
    UK Adults 25
    SLO - Warriors50
    raketaci cz50
    Dutch Warriors50
    cochon z'unis b50
    Ludus XXV25Full boost and min 6/4 or 5/5

    Credentials goes to the founder of this list or idea: killer.dz. Please visit his website and youtube channel.

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